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Hi there,

My Official job title: The Playdough Lady. .

Made official thanks to this awesome gift from from a dear friend.

I actually get called the playdough lady a lot these days- and I quite like it, especially when it comes from adults, and official emails as well as little ones.  

I really love what I do, and love that so many of you enjoy my products and creations.

Thanks for your support, allowing me to do something I love. You rock. .

Love, The playdough Lady. (Or Em is fine too! 😂😂😂) Xo .

The Playdough Lady. Made official thanks to this awesome gift, made by the clever clogs Bonmaxie.

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Mummas and their babies....
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PS. You totally Rock. xoxo
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The lovely folks at Nurosteps have kindly invited me along to speak at their next workshop, next Wed...
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What the heck is a Pangolin? Oh my, you are in for a treat...the cutest!

Happy Hands Happy Heart

All natural scented playdough

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